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True or Not?

Truth or Lie?

1558565_756208857799309_3461829877356366649_n To claim one has an exclusive understanding and possession of the truth is arrogant, as if to say no one else can know the truth except as I know it and because my religion/philosophy possesses it. Truth is truth no matter who discovers it.


Constitutional Heresy?

“The greatest contribution nonbelievers have made to the world has been the Constitution of the United States. Consider how very heretical to a religious world was the idea of a Constitution predicated on ‘We, the People.’ ”

—Queen Silver, philosopher and freethinker, “Humanity’s Gain from Unbelief,” a speech delivered in her 80s.

Is This What We Want?


Is this the kind of economy we want? Do we really want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer? Our Congress appears to want this. How long can we sustain this kind of inequity?

Kicked to the Curb

“The moment that anyone, however prayerful or thoughtful or earnest they may be, comes to a conclusion other than what we’ve defined as acceptable, they get kicked to the curb.”  -Rob Bell, former evangelical pastor

Bible Poll

Change appears to be in the wind…