Wishful Thinking

…wanting something to be true so much so that one is willing to suspend good judgment, analysis, and common sense while distributing prejudiced points-of-view lacking verification. In other words, exaggerate, lie, spread unsubstantiated rumors, say pious things to distract from one’s motive while leading people to accept your word as truth with little justification except that someone else said it, so it must be true, and it fits what I want to believe anyway. This approach to communicating one’s thinking is lazy and haphazard while lacking in creativity. 

There is a better way… check resources, is this factual or is it opinion? Is the story based on a known agenda? Has the story been fact-checked? Is this an emotional or intellectual argument? Do the principals involved have reason to be prejudiced for or against the person or idea? Have you been presented with both sides of the argument? Do you believe the person conveying the information, or who has generated it, is fully aware of all sides of the issue and has made an honest attempt at resolving the issues before pronouncing one view over the other? Is this fact or opinion? Is this wishful thinking? 

One of the reasons I have migrated to a blog and semi-abandoned a social communication site is due to the above issues around false representation and the unsavory arguments that follow. Though, in due time, I expect that to happen on this blog as well as strong criticism and issue disputes. I am prepared to defend myself in a setting that can mask the identities of those who might criticize or take issue with me.

Those who might find the contents on these pages offensive, well, someone might be offended, but isn’t that the nature of a blog? And one can move on as it is not about loyalty to a blog that will reflect negatively on a religious or family member. All are welcome to read, comment, criticize or praise. My only concern, as above, is that the message left for me to read is clean, tidy and accurate.


About Ed Anderson

I am "non-religious", not an atheist as some suppose, since after reading what I have written many wonder if I believe in "God", I just don't have a name for the concept, "God", nor do I have an origination story or theological mystery tour to stretch your faith. (I have no proof of what I believe and I wonder if my belief in "God" is supportable as I have increasing doubts.) I just can't accept an inflexible point of view that says, "I know what you need, and I know what you should know and here it is, you can have it too." Religionists present yet another obstacle to finding "truth" as they claim to have succeeded exclusively in finding it. Having been a part of the religious scene for years it is clear to me how easily duped we are to believe in something we have no proof of, has caused an abundance of divisions, and "territorialized" people into believers and non-believers. Furthermore, my belief in "God" equates to the larger perspective which includes an awareness of "God" in everything. I speculate at times whether or not consciousness is "God" So, my belief in "God" does not necessarily match up to the Christian/Judaeo tradition of a being existing somewhere in the beyond or in one's "heart". If there is a "God" he/she/it could be anywhere and in anything. Though I believe in God, it is not a belief in the God of Scripture. Too many “holes” in Scripture to satisfy my inquiring mind. It may indeed point me in the right direction but I find it not only unreliable but full of plagiaristic thought and re-writing of some of history’s interesting solutions. I much prefer to trust the minds of men and women who conjecture on the basis of what we now know of our universe than those men and women who trust the minds of ancient spiritual guides who, in turn, contributed to a book allegedly “inspired” by God. It is all unprovable, either side of this argument, but I prefer to invest most of my thinking in current ideas rather than those that show little support in logic. Do I hear an "Amen"? View all posts by Ed Anderson

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