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… and justice for all!

For those who use the Scripture as their guide – I find little, if nothing, to commend or endorse business and corporations in Scripture. I do find adequate support for the average, day-to-day worker in Scripture. It is the right thing to do, that is, to establish a mission of some kind to assist the worker. It isn’t just about compensation as there are many worker issues long overdue and need to be addressed.

We’ve lived on borrowed resources from other nations far too long. Equity among nations is the next big step forward. It is about time we realize we are only a very small part of the rest of the world. Equitable living conditions should be paramount in our minds for everyone no matter what part of the world they live in. We are a selfish nation, consuming far more than is our due.



I’m watching for those naysayers, those pessimists, who predicted doom for our economy. Oh yes, I forgot, it’s not over… Jobs, yes, jobs, for the average American. Could we have some of that money corporations are putting away for a rainy day? How about sharing the wealth? Is it possible that those who work to make you money could share in your “success”?