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Accused of Resorting to Non-Novel Ideas (A Personal Response)

There are “novel” ideas to consider when seeking answers. I would not call them novel nor refer to them as “by no stretch of the imagination novel,” but so be it. I get your point. And, I take courage that my co-thinkers are Jewish, left-wing or Democrat. My primary reason for identifying myself as a Liberal has to do with my investment in people. Anything that enhances the life of the general population is my interest. It matters little if it is government funded or not as the government is us. Balancing the equation between the “have’s” and “have-not’s” is my desire. That takes government intervention because we cannot and will not do it on our own. (Wall St. being the ultimate example of capitalism gone mad.) There are always going to be those who work the system be they Democrat or Republican. I know that. But the free enterprise model has created money monsters who take but do not give. The last ten years have to be an embarrassment to the crowd that calls themselves Capitalists. I could go on. (Is Blood in/on the streets the only answer?)


On Being a Humanist and Liberal

This just about sums it up for me…

“ . . . I decided (after listening to a ‘talk radio’ commentator who abused, vilified, and scorned every noble cause to which I had devoted my entire life that) I was both a Humanist and a liberal, each of the most dangerous and vilified type. I am a Humanist because I think humanity can, with constant moral guidance, create a reasonably decent society. I am terrified of restrictive religious doctrine, having learned from history that when men who adhere to any form of it are in control, common men like me are in peril. I do not believe that pure reason can solve the perceptual problems unless it is modified by poetry and art and social vision. So I am a Humanist. And if you want to charge me with being the most virulent kind—a secular humanist—I accept the accusation.”

—James Michener, Interview, Parade Magazine (Nov. 24, 1991), cited in Who’s Who in Hell edited by Warren Allen Smith. (A similar passage is found in The World Is My Home by Robert Michener, 1991.)

Conservative or Liberal?


Take your pick. If you prefer to live in the past you will probably call yourself a conservative. If you live in the future you may call yourself a liberal. The past is static, the future is dynamic. The past is concretized history while the future is yet to be experienced. Conservatism can be an encumbrance. Liberalism can be liberating. Conservatism often represents the idea, “we never did it that way before.” Liberalism usually represents discovery and implementation. I find it exciting and rewarding to live with the future in mind and with those of like thinking who prefer to leave the shackles of the past behind. It is liberating and generally free of prejudice. Within the liberal camp prejudices are not welcome, though tolerated, as they are based on past observations. One resists change to remain comfortable with the familiar, a typical conservative reaction. Breaking out of one’s mindset is hard to do if seeking comfort and idealism based on past experience and concretized knowledge. If one is liberal then one is progressive. If one is conservative then one is a preservationist.

Definitions from dictionary.com:


Open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
A person of liberal views.
generous – bounteous – lavish – bountiful – free


Holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in politics or religion.
A person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in politics.