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Feeling Awkward?

Feeling Awkward?

…to my casual readers on this blog and Facebook

A few days ago I received a rather desperate message claiming my posts were contaminating Facebook and the Internet. Given their perspective, perhaps they were right. I am not able to determine what is right for them, as I am unable to fully declare what is right and truth for me.


There is an assumption made that appears to be consistent across the spectrum of thought we have been exposed to on many social media sites. That is, since I don’t believe as many others do I must not be a Christian and I certainly do not believe in God. The thinking that fosters this kind of attitude is sadly out of tune with, not only who I am, but also what I am thinking these days.


I make no apologies for what I write as contained within them are the basic questions I am struggling with about my life-long faith. Please note that fb poses a question to all of us each time we open our fb page and that is, “What’s on your mind?” I have taken that question seriously and often post what really is on my mind. These days, my faith is on my mind. I make no apologies for what I write even though to some what I write is troubling. If you are one of those who are worried about my soul I take that concern very seriously. I do not ridicule or ignore it as I take it as a genuine concern for my spiritual welfare and me as person. Your prayers on my behalf are welcome. Yet, I cannot ignore the questions that I ask of God and the questions that propel me to look in many directions for truth.


It is interesting to me that, because of what I think and believe, that I am drummed out of existence as if I were some kind of threat to someone’s very soul. Perhaps I do represent an alternative to the usual approach to faith, I can’t answer for you what might be your best approach, but dismissing me, as so many have done, will not change the facts and faith at stake for me.


I do appreciate your concern for me, I really do, and I hope to sustain family and friend relationships for many years to come. If being true to myself and my questions poses serious difficulties for you and you find yourself unable to tolerate what I write, then I would move on. My hope is that by clarifying my position that you would stop and consider what it means for you and me by choosing to abandon this relationship. After all, friendships are neither mandatory nor obligatory. If one chooses to sever a relationship I would hope it would be in the best interest of all, including this one. Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my point of view.

Truth Seeking

Truth Seeking

There is no God?

“Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-O and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have.”

—Penn Jillette, “There Is No God,” NPR’s “This I Believe” series, Nov. 21, 2005

Seeking The Truth Is Not Optional

“fight for what you believe in,
for if you don’t you will be forever fighting against yourself.”
― Keisha Keenleyside

“Truth is an acquired taste.”
― Orrin Woodward

“Upon my word, I think the truth is the hardest missile one can be pelted with.”
― George Eliot, Middlemarch

“I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”
―Harry S. Truman

Religious Luck

10390497_10202319061683975_394795106438037197_nWhere does religion come from? If not from God, as most religions seem to think of other religions as wrong and not from God, then it is from the people. Or, unless you deem yourself fortunate enough to be born in the right place and to the right people to have the right religion that God designed just for you. Wow! What unbelievable luck to be born to the right people and the right religion at the right time and in the right country. Can you believe it? Seems a bit far-fetched don’t you agree?

Coercion and Universalism

There is a tendency in the religious community to universalize spiritual experience. As if to say that when one comes to a new revelation it is imperative everyone/many/most have a similar or identical awareness. This is what most disagreements amount to and is the foundation of most wars. It is unfortunate that when one sees a glimmer of spiritual light in a different color one finds themselves looking into the stained glass window rather than out.

For some reason, human beings cannot tolerate differing viewpoints without mild to major frustration and feel the need to use coercion on those judged apart. Latent to blatant use of tactics made to impress, manipulate or force harmonized thinking are implemented to bring back those who have “fallen away.” Independent thinking and personal responsibility are sacrificed for the comfort of the larger group. Trusting one’s self to have determined a path, that for them/us is the right path, even in the face of opposing and often contrary traditional and sentimental thinking is very difficult and often results in self-doubt. Often the end result is conceding to those who, because of their greater numbers, appear to know the truth. 

I encourage exploration into one’s faith and thinking, even if it takes you on paths you never knew existed and feel unprepared to explore. Find them out for your self. Do not take the word of others, including this writer, but explore the “truth” by asking the basic questions. Finding the truth for yourself is not easy work. It will be a challenge. The easy way out is to accept what you have been told without raising questions about it. Don’t succumb to that line of reasoning as you will have nothing in the end.