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From Tomorrow Can We Borrow?



A song about a 1963 kind of hope… I’ve left the text set up for recording.

1963 HOPE: From Tomorrow Can We Borrow?

 4/4 135

Intro:  ∞Am           ∞=riff, |=break

Am                 F                                          Am

1. A bullet from a gun, laid out a man named Jack.

F                                           Am

Blood smeared on a dress, soft tissue made a place.

E7                       F       |                                   ∞Am

Jack’s body grew cold, Our nation mourned his soul.

Am                  F                                  Am

2. Boots reversed, sorrow leading Black Jack,

F                          Am

Veiled lady dressed in black, a nation’s long night.

E7                                F       |                          ∞Am

Two children wonder where? Their father isn’t there.

C ✓                      G                         F                  Am

Cho.: So can we borrow from tomorrow? When this madness is past?

E7                                F           |                                  ∞   Am

We’ve had too much of sorrow. From tomorrow can we borrow?

Bridge: E7-F-C-E7-Am

Am                           F                                                    Am

3. Years have left us weary, family, friends, preparing graves.

F                                              Am

Viet Cong to Taliban, we’ve spent our nation’s face.

(Viet Nam/Afghanistan)

E7                                         F       |                                      ∞Am

Will there come a time for easing? Will there come a time for peace?

Cho: (Repeat as above and fade)

© 2012, Ed Anderson