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Gun Insurance

Gun insurance. Why? What for? For the same reason I need to carry homeowner’s insurance on my property should someone injure themselves.

Gun insurance is needed for those who carry since injury to another person is always possible once a weapon is present. Why should a person carrying a gun be any less liable for its use than a homeowner who happens to have a swimming pool in their backyard?

Additionally, one must not carry a gun without gun insurance. If you are stopped by law enforcement and do not have proof of insurance your weapon is confiscated. Can’t think of a better way to manage guns given that 2nd amendment supporters aren’t going to relinquish their right to carry. If I had my way I’d vote for mandatory compliance in all states.


Denying My Christian Faith So I Can “Carry” and Go to War

One of the most perplexing issues to me as an observer of those who call themselves “Christian” is the rationalizations put forward by the “washed” to carry, conceal and make war (not necessarily defensive but preemptive or aggressive war). I am also confused by the attitude that would take down or frustrate those who think, look or act differently than themselves, such as Muslims, Gays and atheists. How is this kind of thought and behavior process Christian? Blindly following one’s own desires at the expense of true discipleship seems to me far too common among those who would call themselves followers of Christ. I see it as hypocritical and worthy of damnation.

Where are the true believers, the one’s who are consistent with their faith and platform? Where are the lovers of men and women who reach out without agenda to those who pose a religious and philosophical difference to their own? And, who are those who set themselves up as authorities regarding the truth, who argue passionately and arrogantly that they know anyone else’s religion is specious when compared to theirs? I am appalled and angered by the lack of compassion for those who see, hear, feel and think about religion, politics and living one’s life different than the professed masses of Jesus followers. This kind of prejudicial and convenient/inconvenient thinking has to stop or we will be at each other’s throats until we are no more, or is that what Christians want?